What Food To Lose Belly Fat

As time goes on from decade to decade people become more and more obese.  What food to lose belly fat

is a popular question.  The public  are now more educated  on fitness and diet that ever before.  They

know which foods are not good to pile in.  They are constantly being told about super  foods  and proper

diet.  But we continue to get fatter and fatter by over eating.   According to the Obesity Society the obese

figure was 31% in year 2000.

People are taking more calories and more calories than ever before.This increase in calories consumed

did not come from taking in fat.  It comes from taking in extra carbohydrates.   Carbohydrates are

sugars.   Many drinks like sodas that have been sweetened are what our youth and young adults alike

are pigging out on.  Often when we get fast food these drinks are with the meal.

There are other reasons we are too big.   Politicians have made laws allowing advertising of sweets and

fast food for children which was not allowed in earlier years.  Earlier these advertisements were limited.

Today developing countries have policies that have lead to cheaper foods that are currently available to

us.  Now we can buy rice,corn, and wheat cheaper that fruits and vegetables due to the US Farm Bill.

So the politicians and the food industry have a part.  What food to lose belly fat is available and at what

price is determined  in different ways.   So today over eating is our No 1  cause of obesity.

No 2 cause is not enough exercise.   We use machines to do work that  we use to do physically.  Modern

times with  our witty inventions makes us lazy.  We do not have to get up and walk to a TV to turn it on.

We use remote with one small click.  We have dish washers and dryers.  There is little energy used to

get out tasks done.

We are now doing less work than our parents let along our grandparents.  We are more sedentary in our

lifestyles.  There was a time we had to walk everywhere.  Now we drive a car or truck everywhere even

we could get there  in about the same time if we walked.  So we burn fewer calories.  In order for our

hormones to work  right we need to move around and become a fat burning machine.  In order to digest

the food right the hormones are needed to do their job in helping digest the food.  So physical activity

effects our insulin levels in having it  not to high or too low.  If we just sit around too much we gain weight

and run the risk of diabetes where the insulin levels are unstable.

Several examples of those with good health  are displayed all around us.   Learning from these

individuals is wise.  They have seen all types. They are often around 100 years old.  Wisdom is in these.

Personally I listen to these  in my family hoping I have some of these genes.  Many of these folk have

never had illness to amount to much.  Most of these have proper diet for their exercise.


what- food- to- lose- belly- fat

Smiling woman with fresh produce


If  we continue with our weight issue the risk of illnesses and premature death awaits us all.  To this

point we shall get the vegetables , fruits  and nuts and live a good life from now on.  It is a

commitment  we  must keep to have the good life that we are daily striving for.   As we look around us

we see often our peers pass away.    This should alone make us choose life.  Look at your class mates.

How many fell victim to the obese thing?  Each day we can move further up and fell great about

ourselves and our progress.

We can start buying the right foods.  When we go to grocery store  the first place  should be where

there are produce.   We need to get the green leafy vegetables and fruits  first.  Vegetables are the best

foods for  us.   The quicker we  learn to love them the better.   There are so many to prepare them that

surely you will find a way.  There are spices and herbs that will  allow  you to eat food  that  used to be

offensive.  If you can somehow  plan a vegetable with every meal it would be great.  You can  eat lots of

them without eating too much  as they are low in calories and bulky.  They are good for your  whole

digestive system.

We have considered fructose which is a sugar like glucose.   Glucose is blood sugar.  It is the  sugar in or

blood stream.   Fructose is a sugar  closely  related to glucose.   The food industry have plenty of it.  If

you read labels on foods   you will see it  often.  Some say stay away from fructose.   It is  often seen on

the label as  “high fructose  corn syrup.”

There are now two lines of opinions on good old fructose:

No 1    Stay away from it because it may increase non fasting triglycerides if you are obese adult.

No 2    No more harmful than other sweetners.

Personally I have to stay away because I am doing good without it.  I know I am taking in some because

the food industry  got it and they are going to use it be sure.

Arthorties have reported in the American Journal Of Preventative Medicine (December 2012) from

the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La that children who have a television in

their bedrooms are more likely to be obese or overweight that kids who do not have a TV in their


I share all this with you because I want you to know how a morbid obese person can get smaller and

have better life .    You can feel better , look better and have energy.  My degree is  in Animal Science.   If

you see any part of yourself here please change

your lifestyle.  Diet and exercise  and if  necessary as I found get something to suppress your appetite.  I

used CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).   I have loss over 50 lbs  in 7 months and still losing.


My case was off  the chart.   I had to diet, exercise, and get something to suppress my overbearing

appetite.  The CLA  will make you lose weight when taken like it

recommends.Researchers have  published  in several  journals of

communications in 2015 that when we are carrying

more weight  then weight loss is  harder.  They say a protein is produced to block our fat burning efforts

so that our fat burning dynamo is of no consequence. Others scientist from the University College

London  in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (July 2013)  that there is a faulty gene (FTO) responsible

for 1 in 6 over eating.    A top researcher, Racher Batterham, found that people carrying this  FTO gene

variant tend to eat too much.  They prefer fatty foods and high energy foods.  It seems they do not quit

eating because they do not  feel full like normal people.

Let us do all we can to have a beautiful life without  so many health problems.  We can do it!

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  1. jschicanha

    Thank you for your informative article.You care with our health thats why you are informing us about how we have to keepour body health.The foods you mentioned that will reduce fat are so important some are cheap to afford.
    Please provide me with the type of foods needed to keep children health.


  2. Emeolu

    You are absolutely correct. People are getting due to the food they eating. Most households prefer eating junk food to eating homemade food. Restaurants that are selling junk food are not helping matters. They are making junk food with ingredients that are unhealthy to the society. To reduce obesity, the most effective way is to encourage eating homemade food. Restaurants can play a role by using ingredients that are healthy for their product.

  3. Roy

    You have some wonderful information on your page here, but it needs to be broken up a bit. Need more paragraphs with headings. Maybe a few more images, both of which catch the readers eye and prepare them for what they are going to read next. Have no doubt that if you can start implementing these two suggestions, this webpage could be a winner. I waded my way through it and learnt a lot. Thank you.


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