Weight loss foods for Women

By | 10/14/2016


We look for foods that will not keep us worried about our composition.  Weight loss foods for women has always been a hot topic for discussion

wherever women congregate.  As you know some foods will help your figure.  Some will hurt you badly.  There are other foods that will just maintain

our shape..  We focus on those foods that will not hurt our efforts.    Let me number them as we move along.

no 1   FRUITS

Most doctors agree that fruits  are very healthy for us.  People the world over that eat fruit are very healthy.  The more fruit they eat the

healthier they are.  Vegetables and fruit go together as a good pair.  Fruits have sugars in them but  not at a high level. The fiber in the fruit

makes sugar go into the blood stream slowly.  This is good  provided you can handle the fructose sugar in it.  Fruits helps to lose weight.


Green Leafy Vegetables are loaded with vitamin A and fiber. They have small amounts of carbohydrates and therefore low calories.  They are

bulky and tend to fill you up.  By being bulky you eat them slower and take fewer calories.   Some of the green leafy vegetables include kale,

collard greens , swiss  chards, creasy greans  and more.  They are antioxidants.  They have an abundance of minerals which help in shaping

your shape.

no 3  EGGS

Now doctors say eggs  are fine.. That they do not run your cholesterol up.  That eggs do not cause heart attacks and strokes.  Eggs will help to

lose  weight  and considered the best food for trimming your body.  They have healthy fats and high in protein.  They make you feel full though

you only taken a few calories in.  Most of the nutrition of the egg is in the yolk.  Nutrients are dense there and is all you need if you are on a low

calorie diet.  Studies have shown that women that eat eggs instead of bagels did not want food as much and ate less for a long while.


These vegetables have cancer fighting properties.   They are high in fiber and will always fill you up.  Some of the cruciferous vegetables are

cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage.  They have a modest amount of protein.

no 5   TUNA FISH

Tuna is high in protein with healthy fat.  It is used where you want high protein diet and not many calories.  It curbs the appetite.  Professional

athletes and body builders praise it because it is easy to prepare and you can carry it with you and use in correct amounts without problems.

no 6  SALMON is known for the Omega-3 fatty acids to prevent heart attacks.   Salmon reduces the inflammation in our body which is often

associated with obesity.  Salmon has iodine  which prevents thyroid disease.  Eating fish gives a feeling of fullness.


Beans and legumes have  slow release carbohydrates.  When cooked properly they fill you up.  The fiber is high in these foods.  They include

kidney beans,  black beans , black beans  and other high fiber which have high protein.

no 8  COFFEE

Coffee gets mixed reviews.  Coffee has caffeine in it that increases your alertness. It speeds up your metabolism helping in weight loss

efforts.  You can burn fat by drinking coffee.  Studies have shown you may have to drink 6 cups per day  (600 mgs)  to burn and additional

150 calories.  Coffee can increase the rate  at which we burn fat.


These high protein foods when eaten unprocessed  will not cause heart attacks.  They are not really correlated to cancer in  women

and only slightly in men. On this  high protein  foods you can expect to burn about 100 calories per day according to researchers.


Boiled potatoes gets mixed reviews.  The truth is they can help in losing weigh and maintaining good health.  During the Great Depression

a great multitude of people lived off of potatoes.  They were only food they could afford.   Potatoes  fill you up.  The Satiety Index is a measure of

how full you feel.  Potatoes have a very high index.   Boiled potatoes  are high in potassium.   If you eat boiled potatoes it is shown that you

will eat less of other foods in that meal than you would normally.

no 11   SOUPS

S oups have lots of water.  They are low calorie  on a calorie per weight bases.  Because the calories are not great we eat less calories from these

foods.   You will take down  lots by weight  but it will have only a few calories because water has no calories.  You feel full without the extra

calories that would be in regular foods with  the same weight.


Cottage cheese is a dairy product.   It is high in protein.  It does not have lots of fats and carbohydrates.  Cottage cheese has calcium

in abundance which helps to burn belly fat.  Eat it often.

no 13    NUTS

Nuts are high in fats which means high in calories.   Nuts like walnuts and pecans are good heart food.   If eaten sparingly you can lose weight.

The fiber and high protein make them ideal for metabolic health. Just limit the amount you eat.   You can easily eat too many.


Diabetes patients  use apple cider vinegar to reduce their blood sugar level.  Some say if used at one half  to one ounce per day is a good way to

cut their weight down.  It is often diluted  with water and drank. Expect to lose about 3 lbs in 12 weeks researchers suggest.

no 15   AVOCADOS

Avocados are high in fiber  and potassium. They are high in fat but the fat are healthy fats.  These fats are monounsaturated oleic acid.

These fats are the same ones in olive oil.  This is one of the  weight loss foods for women that is very pleasant.  It has a lot of water in it and nutrients

needed to drop weight.


Now researchers realize that there are some whole gains that are beneficial.  They have a modest amount of protein and lots of fiber.  Examples

of whole grains include oats and rice. Oats have beta-glucans that make you feel full after eating them.  They improve  metabolic health.  They have

slow release carbohydrates.  They are high in carbohydrates so do not  eat too much or you will gain weight.   Whole grains are not junk food.


There has been a good deal of research on the grapefruit. It curbs your appetite.  Grapefruit has been shown to reduce insulin resistance which is

important if you are diabetic.  Some have shown if obese people  eat half of a grapefruit before meals  can lead to weight loss of over 3

pounds in 12 weeks.  It can give a feeling of fullness.


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