Understand and Handle Leptin

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Let it be our project to understand and to handle this all important hormone that can ruin our

weight loss efforts.  Leptin controls hunger and metabolism.  If we eat too much sugar and commercial

processed foods and not sleep long enough the level of leptin goes down.   This is when we begin to

crave foods and have a slower metabolic rate.   This is when  we need to get the leptin up to normal.

Normally as we eat   and fill up the leptin increases and when we have enough we quit  eating.   The

trouble with obese individuals is that we keep on eating  when we are suppose to stop.

Scientist and researchers are trying to get to the root of this problem.   They do not all agree on the

cause of obesity.  They know hormones are at the core of the problem and their relationship to each


Leptin is made by fat cells.  The fatter you are the more leptin is produced in the bloodstream.  It

is said that leptin sends to the brain (Hypothalmus part) that you have plenty fat stored up and you

should not eat any more.

Obese people have lots of leptin.  You would think there is enough leptin and the brain should shut

down on eating.   But, for some reason the brain does not get the message so obese people keep eating.

The brain does not recognize the leptin and lets obese individuals  continue eating thinking you are

starving.  This is called leptin resistance.  Many scientist believe this to be the cause of obesity.

Many good men and women have tried to  get tough on their bodies by being  very strict on their

diet and almost starving ourselves only to have weight gain to return because we could not keep it up.

If we are going to diet then we should do a diet that we can live with for  a long  long time.  Leptin

hormonal cravings will beat our will power most of the time.  Better to lose a little at a time.


                                                CAUSE OF LEPTIN RESISTANCE

1   Leptin resistance can be due to having high leptin levels for a long time .

2   Having  lots of free fatty acids in the bloodstream that can increase fat metabolites  in the brain

which influences leptin levels.

3   Inflammation  can be interfering with leptin signals in the brain.


How To Correct Leptin Resistance

First know that if you have a great amount of body fat in the stomach area you have a great

chance of being leptin resistant.      To fight this resistance do these things:

1   Eat lots of protein and low carbohydrates.

2  Leave commercial processed foods off to reduce inflammation.  These are in the can.

3  Exercise

4 Eat more fiber

5 Get plenty sleep ( 8 hrs ) per day

6  Eat less total carbohydrates which will lower the triglycerides.

7   If you are lean  STAY LEAN.

8  Avoid toxins in the food and the environment.

Athletes often take a day off and eat a little more protein and more carbohydrates.

Some use Acetyl L-Carnithine   (ALCAR)  or even taurine which prevents  leptin resistance.


These are foods found to increase leptin levels:

1  Greens , vegetables  and fruits

2 Protein foods like lean meats and eggs

3  NO sugary sweets

4  Fish  with high omega-3 fatty acids

5  Foods with lots of Zinc such as seafood,spinach,beans,beef,and mushrooms


Lean meats,hot pepper,oatmeal, grapefruit,fish,eggs,low fat yogurt, green tea, broccoli,

almonds, beans, whole grain cereal, fruits and vegetables,skim milk, olive oil, turmeric,

lean beef, apple,and sesame seeds


Weight loss is measured by the difference in scale readings.  The trouble is  it  can be   :

body fat loss or water loss   or worse muscle loss.  Because calories in and calories is only part

of picture  we need to measure  our waist as well .   Hormones are involved  and not  just calories.

These hormones are the chemical  that tell the body to burn fat,eat more,feel hungry,

crave foods  or do the opposite.  LEPTIN is the boss hormone here for weight loss.  Cutting calories

is good  but we must  keep the hormones balanced.  We can reduce cravings,increase metabolism,and

have more energy by understanding and handling leptin.  The key is regulating the hormones and

to eat less carbohydrates.


Earlier I suggested  that you lose water or fat or muscle.  The type exercise determines which you

lose.   Exercise involving the large muscles push calories to muscle.  You lose weight  this way.  If

your skin is tight and you are lean then you are losing fat.  If your skin is on the flabby side and then

you are losing fluid and/or muscle.  Take a tape and measure around your waist  and compare to

next measuring.  If both weight from the scales is down and the tape measure is less than before

you are losing mostly fat.  If the waist goes down and weight on scales goes up you are losing

almost all fat.  If the waist goes up and weight from scales goes down or stays the same  then you are

merely losing weight   and this is water weight you are losing.  Scientist have proven these findings.



Sleep regulates your leptin level.   If you are over 300 pounds  like was then you are probably leptin

resistant.  See your doctor.  Leptin plays a big role in weight loss because it regulates appetite by

preventing the overproduction of appetite influencing hormones.  Hormones play a big part in

digestion of food and letting some calories  go through that we do not need and keeping others

that we do need.  Note the hormone itself can not make you lose weight.  Hormones do a dynamic

job in helping us to lose weight.  There a two ways to work on leptin resistance.  One way is to up


production and the other is to increase sensitivity.  We have drawn attention to foods to do just

that.  Some will make you produce more leptin and some will increase metabolism.   Some will

lower leptin resistance by keeping excess leptin out of the bloodstream.


Now that we know how leptin works we can handle this giant.


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