The Best Exercise To Lose Weight For Men And Women

The best exercise to lose weight for men and women is walking.  It makes sense because almost

everybody can walk.  You can walk at your own speed.  There are other exercises you can do .  The

most important thing is to stay with  it.  Getting your exercise  in  everyday is easy if you walk. It is good topeople_walking_along_downside_epsom

find ways to continue your exercise even if weather is raining, sleeting,snowing or high wind.  If you walk

you can find a dry place without wind to walk.   Let nothing keep you from it.  You can do it in the Mall or

the YMCA or in a parking lot.  Being diligent and a solder is the  key.  Decide in you heart and mind that

this extra weight must go.  All too often we start  out and do good  for a while then little by little lose

interest and  gain all the weight that was loss back plus an amount that would now have them weighting

110% of the original weight.  Some go through  cycles like this.  We do not want this.   You may need a

friend to walk with you and maintain your moral and you boost them as well.  From time to time you will

see groups walking together.  Two people have a good chance to continue until and after the weight is

gone.  If you do succeed you will have a charming, renewed body with explosive energy when you diet

with this exercise.   It is a gradual thing.

Most of us have certain foods we like.  Make sure they are helping you.  We need balanced diet.  Leave

the highly promoted scams off.    We need a diet  that we can live with.   Sustaining the diet and the

walking is important.   Our habits may be holding  us back.  Make sure the  foods are not hurting us like

sodas  and potato chips for example. They will keep your belly roll on your body.   You will develop a new

lifestyle and learn what works with  you body.  You can identify foods your body does not like in losing

weight.   Also the exercise for you may be the treadmill or something in the cardio  exercises.

The average man wants to get abs to brag about.  He wants to be appealing to women.  So he goes to the

gym and does a million abs

crunches(well maybe not quite that many).   Trust me it is a lot easier to just walk especially with a

friend. The best exercise to lose weight for men and women is walking. The belly fat will melt.  You can

get more support walking than in a gym crunching abs.  Women that walk get the attention of many men

for a long time.   Men head’s turn  for years to come.

Walking worked  for me .   I did everything.  When I wanted more results I increased the level of

exercise .  When that was not enough I used CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).   I used  2000 gm+ each day

and got results.   Wanting to eat  is often the big problem.  If you do not think about food every minute

you have half the battle won.  I looked for integrity in a product and as I  find them you will see them

here.  I like natural products put up by a company with integrity.  Being manufactured in an FDA

approved lab  is  always desired.

If you find something you know is the truth email me as b.s.  is deep and widespread.

The doctors tell us quickly that as your waist increases you have more chances to have heart attack

and  a gross number of other illnesses.  Diabetes is one of them.  You can develop sleeping diseases.

Doctors told me you can die because of  being obese.  They said as you age you are less able to deal with

the extra weight.  This weight can keep me from a healthy,descent life.    After hearing and seeing many

examples in my own family it was time to get this beast off me.   All they say was Diet and Exercise so let

us do it.  Exercises for the heart are called Cardio.  They are aerobic exercises.  Doctors say do both diet

and exercise at same time.  Doing one and not the other is not  healthy.  Extreme caloric restriction can

lead to bad health.  Getting on a regime and staying  with it is best.  Fads are not good for your health.

A diet with adequate protein and healthy carbohydrates  with essential fats is desirable  in

implementing a healthy diet.  Choose to adopt good habits like:  no carbs after 6 pm.  and   not eating and

watching TV at night  .

The diet you choose will be a large part of any weight you will lose.  You can gain on a poor diet for

weight loss.  Get the diet plan right before you start  your regime.  Your carbohydrate intake is

important.  It is often seen where the exercise  is heavy but the individual took in too much sugars so

that the whole effort was loss.  Sugars are to be used in a limited manner.

Several factors determine the amount of calories you need.   Your sex , weight, and level of activity are

the factors.  Men require more calories to maintain the same weight.   Because women require less

calories to maintain the same weight they must eat less for the same  weight or they will  gain weight.

That is why it is harder for a female to lose  than a male.

The more active you are the more you burn  and need to maintain your current weight.

Consider your protein needs.  I try to get 2 gm per pound of body weight.   That is if you weight  200lbs  then

400 gm is what I shoot for.  This is a higher level but  it helps keep the appetite down.  Make sure you do

not take in unnecessary carbohydrates.  They are the enemy.  If you follow these things you will turn

your body into a fat burning furnace.  You can see and feel the results.    Your body will not normally

burn protein if you have enough in the diet.  Many get the right essential fatty acids  for their clients.

With essential fatty acids the whole system runs smoothly.

If you train doing different type exercises you will benefit. Cardio can be mixed with heavy weight lifting.

The strength goes up. Just watch the diet and you will be fine. The cardio help to get your weight

down.  Mix the training exercises on different days and your body will not be prepared. Your body puts

out growth hormone to your  benefit.  Your strength increases as your muscle bulge.  You can feel it.

Monitor you progress  from day to day noting what you did this week and in the past weeks.  You can

see what works for you..

You are on the road to a healthy life now.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Exercise To Lose Weight For Men And Women

  1. Darren

    I’ve read that walking 30 minutes a day is one of the best things that anyone can do. It’s kind of scary to know that people are so lazy they can’t even take 30 minutes out of their day to walk.

    People just need to understand that they need to burn off what they eat. If they eat poorly, then they’re going to have to do more then just 30 minutes a day in order to start losing weight.

  2. Carlton Gonder

    Hi Charles,
    Thank you taking the time to write such an inspiring article!I myself have been out of the militaryfor 2 years now and have more stopped exercising all together. In turn creating a big ball of mass which is myself. What would you suggest for me to begin getting back into a routine?

  3. Veli

    Your website looks pretty good with a most focussed content on wight loss that is very crucial and healthy for our bodies. Yours articles content reviews on weight loss is very interesting and I really enjoyed reading about The Best Exercise To Lose Weight For Men And Women. I think more audience gonna like this and most important many people gets weight loss as difficult but with your featured articles as laid down on your website it can help many audience to loose weight. Thank you


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