The 21 Day Detox System-Review

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PRODUCT                               21 DAY DETOX RECIPES





OVERALL RANK                   4.6/5

AUTHOR                                DR DONALD COLBERT  MD


The 21 day Detox Recipes were formulated by Dr Donald Colbert.  This 21 day Detox System

Review will show this is an amazing product.  It has helped thousands upon thousands to cleanse

their bodies and to have a flat belly resulting in much healthier life and overall better quality of

life.    All is required is to follow his recipes and instructions.

                                                      ABOUT DR COLBERT

Dr Colbert is 55 years old .  He is a real doctor and practice real medicine with real patients. He

formulated these recipes which are easy to use and they do WORK.  He has a wife (Mary)  and

son (Kyle).  Being a devout christian,  he is not a scammer  but  he is concerned with your health and

well being.  He is a author of over 40 books as well.   He has said even though you eat right, sleep

right(about 8 hrs per night), exercise and drink healthy liquids , you still may at times feel

bloated, lazy and without energy to do your daily chores.  Even though  for all practical purposes you

appear reasonably healthy.   Dr Colbert in his practice has shown that you  (and I)  need to detox and

clean out our system.  Dr Colbert has many patients that have benefited from The 21

day Detox System.   This 21 Day Detox Recipes are really working.   If you are tired of other regimes

that do not work, leaving you wanting a better detox then look no further. This product is

the real deal.










                                          WHY USE DR COLBERT RECIPES

We need to look a little closer at this man.  You see he has not always been the picture of health.

Early in his life he had a condition called chronic psoriasis and IBS . Chronic psoriasis is a skin disease.

He had it from early childhood. He spent a long time finding out just what was wrong with him.

He searched and researched for a cure and found it.  He went to Oral Roberts

University Medical School and developed the cure for his condition.    It seemed that no pills prescribed

or not would work.  Medications made him fell worse.  Very little appetite and low energy along with

diarrhea , constipation and nausea were all his daily problems.   The desire was to find a cure and not

just treat the symptoms alone. He specialized in medical treatment.. He  is an author on wellness and

skin health today .




He believes that if you give the body the things it needs  and  remove the things it does not need

then the body will heal itself.  He has given health and nutrition advice to thousands.   He has treated

over  50000 patients using holistic and natural medicine.

Dr Colbert is US Board Certified over 25 years and is an adviser for Fellowship Of Christian Athletes.

He is trained in homeopathy, nutritional therapy , and detoxification.   He is a New York “Best Selling

Author”.  Being and international known expert and prolific speaker in health with tv appearances

in various capacities is part of his work.  He says he authored over 40 books through his research

and walk with God has given him insight he uses to help a great multitude  to having better,  healthy


                                                 WHAT A DETOX DOES

A detox will remove heavy metals which are harmful.   It will remove toxins (poisons)  and also

allergens.  .   Toxins accumulate and may get so high that diseases and stress develop.  That is why we

sometimes feel lazy.  Toxins are any poisons or chemicals that is known within the medical community

to cause harm to the body.  They come from a number of sources.  They can come from

foods, medicines, cleaning products, noise, air light, or even in chemicals used in or on the body.

The  thing is,  you can hardly avoid toxins because they are present throughout your environment.

However, the body has protective mechanisms.  The body flushes some out by the way of the organs like

the kidney, colon, liver, urine and feces.  Still some remain in the body.  Now these are the bad boys.

They have resisted all attempts by you or your body in pushing them out.  Researchers say they can

interfere with your immune system, your cellular respiration and nervous system. All this goes on

to result in poor unhealthy bodies.   It is certain toxins cause a great many ailments throughout your


                                                        WE MUST DETOXIFY

What are you going to do about all these mutant toxins?  These bad boys  will surely do you in.

Your organs need help in expelling these poisons.  Right here is where Dr Colbert’s  21 Day Detox

System is needed.  It has three parts:

1  remove

2  replace

3 rotate

When this is done your body will feel lighter, more energetic, and healthy.  I am a witness to this.



                                     WHY YOU NEED A THIS 21 DAY DETOX

 There are products that accumulate in the body in your cells.  They are poisons (toxins) and 

will gather in your body no matter how well you adhere to good health principles.  Even though

you can handle stress, eat right and sleep right they gather bye and bye and be sure they are a big

risk to your overall health.

                                                   What Is Detoxification 

Detoxification is removing poisonous substances from the body.   These toxins are in dairy

products,  meats,  processed foods,  drugs and alcohol,  cigarettes and smoke just to name a few.

When a detox is performed the toxins are  removed and this leaves your body much less chance

of sickness.

                                                                Ways To Detox 

Natural rejuvenation and detoxification  therapies.

Message therapy

Nutritional supplements

Mercury detoxification

More sleep at night

Chelation therapy

Acceptable Diets Should Be Observed

According to Dr Colbert, diet is the primary cause of obesity, but there are other things  that play a part.

They are lack of exercise, stressful  and busy jobs and not enough sleep.  He looks favorably on the Dash

Diet which  reduces high blood pressure.  With it  results can be seen by the end of 2 weeks.  The

Dash diet was founded by scientist at the Natural, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.  This diet is high in

calcium, magnesium, potassium, and protein.  I has fiber, low cholesterol  and low fat.  Another diet

is the Mediterranean Diet.  In it there are fruits, lean meats, low fat nuts, fibers and whole grains.

Dr Colbert uses psysiokinesisology  to treat stress and emotional problems.  This goes into the

subconscious mind in communication with the conscious mind.


                                 What  Foods Will I Give  Up  While on the 21 day Detox Recipes

For 21 days do not eat:


Dairy products

Cooking Oil except except extra virgin oil

Meats, fish, and other sea foods

Grains except steel cut oats and quinoa

Processed foods and beverages

Spicy seasonings

                                    Foods permitted for the 21 Day Detox         

Fruits and vegetables



Low salt and Pepper

Low fat  and nuts

Seasonings (parsley,basil,cilantro)

Steel cut oats and quinoa

                                                     TIPS TO USE ON THE DETOX

1  Do some exercise.  take a brisk walk  (nothing intense).  Do something to make you sweat.

You just want to get the blood  flowing and lymph moving.

2  Use a tablespoon of lemon in warm water before eating anything  in the morning.  This will

decrease acidity in the body where disease starts and removes uric acid which is a major cause

of inflammation.  Inflammation prevents weight loss.  Lemon is good for the digestive system

by killing harmful bacteria and cleansing the system.   You may add cayenne which gives

anti-fungal activity.  Lemon removes poisons from the liver and kidneys.

lemon detox

3  Eat organic foods.    They do not have so many poisons and the body can better break them down.

This leads to less inflammation in the digestive track.

4 Chew food completely.  The saliva makes the food more alkaline which prevents the buildup

of acid to unacceptable levels .   Weight loss is easier  without inflammation in the system.

                                               BUT WILL IT WORK FOR ME

Yes it will work on you.  It does not matter about your medication history or medicines.  If

you use the product according to directions your entire body will rejuvenate.   No more excuses.

It has been very successful on thousands of patients.  IT WORKS. Try and see for yourself as I

have done.  You will feel younger and lighter  with more energy.  This product is not like some

useless fly by night formulations  that you have tried before and failed miserably.  Many have lost

weight on this plan.

NO    MORE      B.S.




Why Some Detox Have Failed With You

There is a rebounding principle.   On many diets you lose weight.  This is true enough. The fat cells

are torched but the poisons are moved through the body.  So the body puts on more fat in the fat

cells.  Some say that  you add more cells   while other researchers say that  you  just add  more fat to

existing cells.  Now many researchers say that from early adulthood you have the same number

of fat cells for life.  That is that you do not add any more for the rest of your life.  At any rate,  the

toxins are still in the body.


With this detox the toxins are flushed out of the body and are not left in the body.  The fat  in the body

is reduced.  The toxins are out of your body and will not rebound.


You get the e-book  21 Day Detox .  Just follow the easy to follow instructions.   This will lead to


restore, renew, and rebuild your health.  You get a guide with 21 varieties of soup and salad recipes,

and smoothies.  These are to decrease carvings , avoid indigestion and to increase metabolism.

You get tips on exercises for the better health and  better lifestyle you deserve.  You get support in

showing ways and  techniques to get to the real problem(s) and to recover right away.  You will

learn the secret to healthy life within 21 days.  The problems are explained and ways to handle them

are shown.  You get 21 videos,  recipes, shopping list and Dr Colbert’s recommended

nutritional supplements.

How Will It Help My Condition

The 21 Day Detox system shows how to rid your body of toxins inside the body in the cells

before more illnesses occur.Many toxins are in the food and water.  Some are in the air.


There are three steps:  Remove   Replace    Rotate

First you remove the toxins causing the problems.   Then secondly, you replace them with

better health choices.  Then thirdly, you rotate it by keeping on doing it .

The guide with the 21 Day Detox Recipes show how, what and how much food to eat and to

establish it as a routine.  The 21 Day Recipes shows how to rid the problems in the three steps.

When the steps are followed the changes to your body(your shape) can be seen within a very few

days.  Your body will tone up as you burn the fat toxins.   You become a much sexier  figure with

a clear  and glowing face. You will remove the poisons naturally and not be stressed up.  Your

skin will shine.


1   Increased energy level and much better mood

2  Clearer thinking

3  Better memory

4  Can lose weight with this product

5  Easy to use

6 Recipes taste great

7  The program is a solution to feeling lazy

8  Backed by scientific proof

9  Skin will shine

10  Increases the immune system

11  Liver and kidney functions better

12  Decreases chronic illness expected

13  Better quality of life overall


Backed by scientific proof to be a natural method to restore health, and rejuvenate the body

and immune system.

The 21 Day Detox System is easy to follow and effective to lose weight .

It reduces fat cells and toxins in your body and promotes wellness and health forever.

The systems WORKS.  It is user friendly and affordable.

There is a free trial.

30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Dr Colbert has his own medical center in Florida and offers a variety of services which are

homeopathic and alternative medicines.



Only works if you are willing to actually follow the steps and apply yourself.  This is not for

you if you are so overly lazy and looking for dramatic results without doing the steps.


I highly  recommend using The 21 Day Detox Recipes for weight loss in addition to its other

benefits.   You will slim down.  You will experience better health.  It will improve your focus, skin

tone, energy levels, and memory.  It will improve your liver and kidney functions.  Your quality

of life will be off the charts. Every time you cleanse your body you will rejuvenate your whole system.

If you go on The 21 Day Detox Recipe you will avoid excess fat all over your body.


I trust you have found this review helpful.

Will you try it?  You have much better health ahead.














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