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Are you looking for tips to lose weight without exercise.  Let  me give you a  few. First

you must eat less  and or exercise more.   Since you are not into exercise there are a

few alternatives.   You can do a gastric bypass.  You can have other surgery.  You can do

liposuction.  You can fast on e day a week.  Fasting meaning  not eating for a day.    You can

help your efforts with a colon cleanser.  And finally you can use an effective and safe diet

pill.   May I suggest Phen 375

Will Phen375 work?

  This  pill  will increase your basal metabolism .  It suppresses

appetite and most importantly  burns  fat.    This alternative is best

as it is safe and effective.  It is easy to do with minimum side effects.

 Because it increases your basal metabolism you are always burning

more calories everyday.   While you are resting or even sleeping

you are burning more calories.

      Product      Phen375 (Pentemine 375)

      Description     Weight loss supplement

      Guarantee   Yes      Quality and Satisfaction

      Product Specifications       30 pills/bottle   800mg/pill

      Overall Rank              4.8/5      my rating

      Dose                               2 (800 mgs/day)

      Price                              $1.47/ pill   + depending on quantity


                                       How to use Phen 375

You must know that even as much as you may  hate exercise  it good for  you.  If you

are not going to exercise then you should  choose super foods that will help you lose.

See link below.

Phen375 has been available since 2009  and is not  to be confused with another product

called phentermine   which has been removed from the market.   Our product is

phentemine 375      not   phentermine.      Only a doctor can  prescribe phentermine .

If you use Phen375  you will need 8+ hrs sleep per night.    You must drink lots of water. 

 If you will not drink lots of water do not use this product.  This Phen 375 is a vast 

improvement over the phentermine.   This product now has less side efects.  Now  with it

you are getting more safe and powerful performance for your money.   No pill is a super

pill that is going to do everything  by itself.  Our doctors tell us to diet and  exercise.   Keep

in mind that foods that increase metabolism  burn fat.

See link below.

So get a lot or these in your diet and cut out junk foods and soda. Do not drink coffee with this pill.




L-Carnitine      Increases the release of body fat in the body

Sympathomimetic Amine   (Citrus Aurantium)    from fruits    aids metabolism

Caffeine (1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine)     provides energy  gives good feeling of mind

Capsaicin       makes body temperature rise  and burn more calories.

Longjack Tongkat Ali      This substance increases the hormone testosterone levels in men and women

It makes it harder to store fat from glucose and burning it for


Just about any substance on the market for weight loss has one or more of the substances above.

                       Are There Any Side Effects

1 Phen 375 is a fat burning agent so there will be some side effects. This substance has a

very  small amount of side effects if compared to other weight loss pills.  We are advised not

to take it over a long period of time(like 3 months+).

2    You may have a  change in the stool from time to time.  some individuals may experience

dizziness.  Most time side effects comes from wrong dose.  Some take the pill for a while and

quit for a while and come back maybe a month later and continue until the weight is reached.

3   This product has caffeine and Citrus Aurantium in it.  So it will increase your body heat. It may

interfere with sleep in people sensitive to caffeine.   Best to take your night pill about 4 hours

before trying to sleep.


           You have heart diseases

           You have high blood pressure

            You have hyperthyroidism

            You are pregnant  or nursing

            Your are less that 18 years old

            You have problem with fatty liver related to being obese


Some people have reported weight loss of between 3lbs to 5lbs per week.  Let us understand

that is a lot and see your doctor.   I do not personally want to lose that  much that quick.  This product

can help lose fat without  causing lots of dangerous side effects.  It is very  in demand with good

reviews.  This is an extreme no nonsense product.  It is for those really wanting results.  It delivers.

Personal trainers and Nutrition Specialist has suggested this product as it is on the cutting edge.


PHEN 375 came on the market in 2009.   There  only few studies form a statistical analysis approach

to show effectiviness.  but  know many customers are using it at increasing rates and they are saying

it is the truth.  They are satisfied and feel anyone can  benefit from it.  A lot of women have used it

to get the fat off after childbirth.They are happy with their thighs and love handles and of course the

loss of  belly fat.

Other Benefits of Phen 375

Can get without prescription

One pill to suppress appetite and burn  fat in one pill

Increases metabolism of the body     and boosts stamina in a person


Improves sex drive  more satisfaction

Better self confidence and esteem

Better quality of life    Look and Feel better

You have more energy to do your work

What Women Said That is Working For Them

1  Take the phen 375  with correct dose

2 Exercise  at least 20+ minutes per day

3 Cut out junk food and sodas

4 Drink lots of water.

Does It Really Work

The weight loss industry is full of scams.  We look at reviews by customers.  It is clear that most

users find it a very good product on the cutting edge.  Some have reported that their cholesterol levels

have dropped.  These  people are not as likely to have heart attacks or strokes now.  Some have reported

that their blood pressure has dropped to a good level.   If you use Phen 375 and have high blood

pressure you should work with your doctor. to monitor things.   On this  diet it is recommended that

you eat lean meats, chicken, fish, fruits,    nuts, and vegetables.

Why Buy Phen 375?


This product is labeled both effective   and also safe.   Other weight loss products do not say they

are safe.   IT WORKS!     If you take it for a month and no weight loss you get full refund.  After

starting on the supplement you would normally see results between 7 and 10 days.  Your impressive

results will be  known by 4-5  months.

This is a real product for real people.  Are you going to try this and lose all that stubborn belly fat?

Will you join me in search for a better quality of life by reducing our grossly overweight body?


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tips to lose weight without exercise  worthwhile and  you see it can be done but

better with healthy foods and exercise.

Foods That Increase Metabolism Burn Fat


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