Hormones Effect Obesity-Big Time

By | 10/29/2016

 Hormones Effect Obesity-Big Time


There are a few hormones that can and will derail your entire weight loss efforts.  The truth is

hormones affect  obesity at an alarming rate.   We can diet and exercise all we can and even after all our

hard work the weight stays on .  There is something else messing with us.  This is probably due to

hormone imbalances.   Let us look at a few.  There a four main hormones that play a mighty big

role in gaining or losing weight.  There may be even more adding to our agony.

no 1    Adiponectin

Adiponectin  is the hormone that influences our body to use the fat in the diet to burn as fuel.

            Studies have shown that if the level of this hormone is low then we have a big chance to become

            obese.  Several scientist and doctors have found that to stay fit and slim and burn fat we need the

            right amount of adinopectin.    If too little in the blood stream then we shall be fat.   We need to

            get the level of adiponectin up.   It has been shown that the fatter you are the lower your level of

            adiponectin is.  This makes it difficult to lose weight at the beginning of our weight loss program.

            So we need it up any way we can get it  up.

                                  HOW TO GET ADIPONECTIN  HORMONE LEVEL UP

           There are a few clever tricks to get the adiponectin level up in our blood stream.   If you want

            to get the full attention of your body then one day we do not eat and the next day we  eat a great

            plenty.    This is hectic. This type of fasting will surely increase adiponectin  hormone level.

            This my not  be healthy by some standards  but it will  work.

            Another way is to increase our daily intake of the mineral magnesium (Mg).   You can take a

            supplement that has a high amount of it in it.  High magnesium vitamins and minerals  will

            do it .    The elders used to take epsom   salt  which is loaded with it.

            There are foods with plenty  magnesium such as spinach, kale, and green leafy vegetables.

no 2   Ghrelinovereating

          Ghrelin is the hormone that makes you hungry.   The level of ghrelin in the system is tied to

          hunger.   The more you have in your system the hungrier you are.  Ghrelin makes you find food

         right away.  If you have  eaten a full meal and should be full but you want to eat some

          more, especially  if you want sweets at night then you should suspect Ghrelin is the cause.

         Ghrelin  stimulates a part of the brain controlling your hunger.  It activates the brain’s reward

         response to food you crave such as sweets and fatty foods.  Donuts and ice cream were once my

         personal cravings every night while watching television.  Do you see part of yourself here?  They

         keep you fat and gaining weight too.  There are ways to handle ghrelin hormone.  We must reduce

        it  or eat ourselves into an early grave .

                                                     A WAY TO DEFEAT GHRELIN sleeping-woman8254770088

        The best and most effective way is to sleep more.  If you are one that does not like to sleep then

        there is a big problem.  When you sleep more you feel better.  It will reduce the levels of ghrelin

        in your body.. When it is reduced you will not be eating so much so there are not extra calories

        to deal with.   If  you do not put it on you will not have to burn it off.  Eight hours of sleep is

        good for adults.  After sleeping the eight hours you do not need drink sodas, fruit drinks, or

        coffee.  Do not use energy drinks at breakfast.  Should you use things expect no weight loss.

        Leaving these drinks makes losing weight a lot easier.  Try to get rest and  fix it so that you are not

        bothered while you rest.

no3   Insulin

         The job of insulin is to regulate the amount of glucose(blood sugar) in the blood.  It is the glucose

         regulator.  When there is insulin imbalance the insulin does not regulate correctly.  It is less

         effective in controlling the level of sugar in the blood stream.    When it is out of whack  it can

        leave too much in the system.  So now there is too much sugar in the blood.  This excess sugar

        will end up stored as fat.  It will not be used by the muscles and tissues and will not be burned

        for energy.   Most of the carbohydrates you eat at this point will  end up as stored fat.   There is

        no chance to lose weight under these conditions. This is called insulin resistance.

                                        HOW TO DEFEAT INSULIN RESISTANCE

       There is an older tried and true remedy.  Do not expect your doctor to mention this.  In your

       home you probably have some vinegar.   Try apple cider vinegar.  Use two tablespoons full  when

       you are about to eat these dreaded carbohydrates.  It will do wonders to drop your blood sugar if

       you have insulin resistance.   This in turn will help to lose the belly fat.

no4  Cortisol

         Cortisol in excess  will ruin you weight loss efforts.   When there is stress our bodies make cortisol

         in response to the stress.   When under stress you may have a surge of energy to fight or flee the

         scene.  It is alright if you are trying to rescue someone say at a wreck and you have to get them

         out from under a heavy car.  When miracles are needed  it is good.  But we do not need this

         high level of cortisol constantly. We do not need to be under stress every minute. We have a

         fast pace society. Our bodies are not made for excess stress.  This excess stress keeps cortisol

         levels up.    So we gain weight around the middle.  Too much cortisol makes us crave carbohydrates

         and sweets.  It can make us hungry constantly.  We overeat and gain, gain, and gain.

        Another problem  is the fact  it makes us destroy our muscle tissue.  It makes us use it for energy.

       This is no good because we need the muscle to burn fat in  our diets.  If you only have a small

       amount of muscle then there is less metabolism and  we gain more fat.

       There is yet another problem with cortisol.  You see if you are obese then the more abdominal fat

        you have the more cortisol you produce in response to stress.  This causes more abdominal fat.

        to be stored making losing weight worse.  Believe me , hormones effect obesity.  Cortisol makes you

        eat more.  It can cause depression in children and adults as researchers have discovered.

                                                           Ways To Reduce Cortisol

       The best thing to do is to walk about 30 minutes everyday.  Other exercise that you do to relax

       can help.   Walking is great to reduce stress and cortisol.people_walking_along_downside_epsom

       A few researchers have developed breathing exercises.  They say to breathe deeply.  To breathe

      through the nose and hold for 5 seconds then breath out through the mouth.  Do this several times.

 We have looked at four hormones that are very important to weight loss efforts.  As you can see we

have a battle on hand but we can win.  Have you found yourself wanting to eat when you are full?

Have you dieted and exercised and still kept the same weight?  Let me know about you individual


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