Foods That Increase Metabolism Burn Fat

By | 10/26/2016

                                 Foods That Increase Metabolism Burn Fat

When we really get serious about losing weight  fast then we should

consider speeding up our metabolism.  It can lead to a much more healthy and pleasant life.

When we come to understand that foods that increase metabolism burn fat we are on the right

track.  The faster our body processes the food the quicker you burn the undesirable belly fat. The right

foods will do this at all times.  With increasing age our metabolic rate goes down.

Some of us have slower metabolism period.  Maybe genetic,  maybe we are just down right lazy.

It is easy to see if the food goes thru us slowly we just hold on to fat.  If it went thru much faster

then we burn off more fat faster.  It is very necessary to get the food in our diet that go through  fast.

                                               Picking The Right Foods

We need foods that turn our digestive system into a fat burning dynamo.   Let us select a few here.

1  Lemonlemon

When we add a lemon to water and drink of it it will detoxify us.  I would suggest drinking first

thing in the morning before any food.  This will get the liver to detoxify.  The toxins will be

eliminated.  Lemon has many minerals and vitamins needed in flushing out toxins. This  creates

space so the good food can be metabolized quicker and easier.  Your body will benefit shortly.

2   Spinach

Spinach  is used by body trainers and athletes to burn fat fast and to keep their weight down.  It

also increases metabolism and aids the muscle functions.  When quicker recovery time is needed

after exercise spinach is great.  It has many B vitamins for good  nerve health.   Muscle mass

is enhanced with the use of spinach at the expense of body fat.

3  Spices

In  considering spices, cayenne pepper,curry black pepper,mustard, and cinnamon are good to

run your digestive system at top speed.  Of course they all have unique taste. So put them on foods

that compliment  them according to your taste buds.  They can and will liven up the taste of any food.

It  is good to experiment with these to get the right  spice  on the right foods.

4  Celery

Use the celery stalk to increase metabolism.  Use the celery instead of junk foods.   When you do

your metabolism goes up and fat goes down.  Eat celery whichever way you prefer .  It will improve

blood flow and your sex live if you know what I mean.  It can be incorporated into other foods like

soup or chili .   Get a favorable charge to the digestive system and melt that belly fat.

5   Almonds

Almonds when eaten not to excess will help keep weight down by stimulating increased

metabolism.    They have essential fatty acids which makes them delicious.   They provide

nutrient needed in the diet for fast burning of body fat.  Put it on salads to give a good flavor.

6  Beans

Beans are good slow release carbohydrate foods.  They are good for adding to chili or soups.  Beans

have good nutrient content to start weight reduction.   They can be a good side  dish.  Excellent for

diabetics that do not need blood sugar to rise so suddenly.

7  Asparagus

Asparagus are low calorie and have high nutritive value.  They are very low in calories.  Some

experts say they have  negative calorie  value.  They taste great.  When added to vegetables they

give more flavor and increases metabolism.  Forget about the negative calorie claims if you ask me.

8  Cruciferous  Vegetables120px-cruciferous_vegetables

When we think of these veggies we think of the high vitamin B content.  They include cauliflower

broccoli, brussels sprout, and cabbage as well.   Other  vegetables are by far more favored to eat

than these .  However, they will run your system at a good clip.  You will drop weight around the middle.

They are best used on side dishes .

9  Cucumbers

Cucumbers have many nutrients, water, and vitamins.  They have abundant fiber needed to lose weight.

They are often used sliced up in salads.  In burning excess fat water is needed.  Cucumbers have lots of

water to keep us hydrated during the fat burn.

10  Ginger

Ginger helps the body to burn calories and makes us feel full.  When added on top of food it wakes up

flavor in foods especially those that  have a very mild to no taste.  Sprinkle ginger powder on your foods

for  very positive  results.  It is excellent diabetic food.

11 Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been eaten for years in the morning for breakfast.  It starts your system to help burn fats.

It makes the system start up burning longer and with  direct results.   Oatmeal i full of fiber which

helps the body to digest foods better.

Most of us need to add more vegetables and fruits in our diet on a daily basis.  We need to learn to

love them.  They will boost metabolism and help rid our belly fat way after we finish eating them. If

we increase our intake of these foods above and dismiss as much as possible the  commercially

prepared foods that are processed with undesirable fats and salt ,etc we can avoid heart attacks and

strokes.   We will be on the way to better health.  I would suggest to gradually change to these foods.

This way your body will  agree with the subtle changes and you will be steadily teaching your body

to accept these great foods.  It is true foods that increase metabolism burn fat.  You will see and feel the

difference in a short while.

Are you eating enough vegetables on a daily basis?   Will you consider the foods listed above in your

weight loss efforts?

Email me and lets us compare our findings.










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