CLA Review

By | 12/11/2016

                                      CLA  REVIEW

     Product          CLA    conjugated linoleic acid

     Guarantee     30 day money back guarantee

     Dose                at lease 2000mg/day to 3400mg/day

      Rating           effectiveness  3/5

                              ease of use      4/5

                              satisfaction     3/5        by Web MD

                              retain muscle

                              reduce fat        9.3/10  493 reviews

                                                                        by Evlution

Product  Overview

When I awake in the morning you can believe I take CLA in the pill form.

It is the best fat loss pill I have found.  I have loss over 50 lbs in 6 months.

This product has been around for years and has stood the test of time with

hundreds  of thousands of users.


What Is CLA ?

CLA is conjugated linoleic acid.  It is an omega-6 fatty acid in vegetable oils

and in dairy products like butter and cheese.  It is also in sunflower and

safflower plants.  The product here is made from safflower plants.

The purpose of CLA as a dietary aid is to keep fat levels down, to keep

appetite and cravings for food and especially carbohydrates down.  The

product provides energy.  It increases the hormone serotonin which

controls mood.   It is all organic.

Not All CLA Are The Same

Care should be given to the standards that the product has to obtain.   The

dose is important.  Liquid gel pills for rapid absorption not powders are

needed. It is better if it is from safflower oil.  You should accept 100% pure

CLA with 80% standard not something artificially made in a lab.   Adatives

and fillers or binders are not needed.. You must tale 2000 mgs to get any

results.  The product should be made in an approved lab registered and

a facility that is cGMP certified and complies with US Pharmucopeia’s

quality standards.


The side effects  are:     indigestion, fatigue, nausea, and heartburn.  These

effects were noticed when extreme large dose was taken.   It is good to find

out the right dose for you. Stimulants can be taken with it but is  is not

needed.  Taking a large dose on empty stomach can lead to nausea.

                                HOW CLA WORKS

CLA increases the rate that fats are burned.  It works with enzymes to keep

fat cells from growing.  It makes your body start burning fat at a lower

temperature in your body than normal.  CLA alters body fat to muscle ratio

and makes more energy available to the body. Researchers published in the

Journal Of Nutrition that conjugated linoleic acid reduces fat mass in

obese and overweight people.  We are not laboratory mice or rabbits so we

will not consider any reactions they may have to CLA  here today.

                                OTHER STUDIES

Studies by Henrietta Blankston,ET, Al    varied the dose in experiments and

found that 3.4 gms  CLA per day is the suggested dose to reduce BFM (body

fat mass).  Also, in obese and overweight humans more research is needed to

know exactly the optimal dose.  It was noted no more benefit when dose  was

increased over the 3.4 gms per day level.   This was taken from

J.nutr. 130:2943-2948, 2000

                                  Another Study

In another study  by Blankson, Et, Al   body fat mass (BFM) and lean body

mass(LBM) was studied.  CLA improved lean body mass and lowered body

fat in overweight men and women.  It  showed that CLA had a positive effect

on strength of muscles and strengthen the immune system.  Good for

training it appears.

Another study by Wadstein,ET,AL  (2001) showed that individuals with

normal body mass and weight could also lower their body fat while they

exercise and take CLA. Suggesting  it is good for training.

                                      THE CONS OF CLA

There are studies that suggest that supplementation with large doses of

CLA can lead to accumulation of fat in the liver.   If this continues unchecked

it can lead to diabetes and metabolic conditions.  So have your  doctor

monitor liver fats and triglycerides.

Other researchers suggest in studies in animals and humans that even

though it lowers body fat, CLA can cause inflammation, cause LDL(good

cholesterol) to drop,cause insulin resistance and may cause gallstones.

Note that these conditions were caused when the dose was higher than

any normal human would take.

                CLA can work great for some and not for others.

In most test the researchers studied the fat on the individuals.   It is safe to

say their reading were accurate.   They used outstanding equipment  such as

Dual-energy X ray absorbtiometry (DXA) to measure body fat composition.

The researchers not only studied fat loss but also the quality of life of the

individuals in the test.  The vitality and ability of the subjects to do work

was  observed.   Some of the studies were for 12 weeks in length.


                 PROVEN BENEFITS OF CLA

lowers cholesterol

increases immune system

burns fat for fuel

prevents come types of cancer  (like lung,colonrectal,skin and stomach)

increases metabolism  and basal metabolism

increases lean muscle growth at expense of fat

decreases inflammation

decreases heart disease risk

lowers blood pressure

increases energy and vitality

reduces appetite and cravings  (esp for sweets)

better recovery after exercise

no bloated stomach or any bad feelings



Our product is free of chemicals and pollutants.  No fishy taste and all

natural.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee.


I  will always show the  pros and cons.   I let the chips fall wherever they

may.  I have  used  CLA with good success.  Try for see yourself.  Weight

loss industry will all try to push their products.  Many authorities will have

varying  opinions.  Many will not approve of anything it seems.  Any family

doctor and especially specialists will tell you to get the weight off period.

Weight loss  pills are not a magic solution normally but when combined with

healthy diet and exercise  it will reduce body fat and promote muscle

growth in the form of lean tissue.   Do not sit around and be obese and do

nothing about it.  Your entire life is at risk.    Will you do something about

it or continue  down the unhealthy road?   It is within your reach to get

rid of this overweight  or as it was  with my  morbid obesity.  There are so

many diseases related to obesity.   Think of it we can do something about

it starting  now.




CLA for weight loss









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