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By | 10/11/2016

Often we go on our exercise regime.  We make sure our diet is right.  All is well.  After trying to

treat our body right with the diet and exercises we feel good about ourselves.  We also watch our fluid

intake.We try to get good water.  Careful attention so as to not  use soft drinks and other fluids because

they are often loaded with sugars that we do not desire.   Getting enough sleep is usually not a problem.

Even after doing all these things that is obviously good for a healthy body we feel full.  We need the best

colon cleanser.   For years we have tried colon cleansers that did a poor job.  Finally we  have found a

cleanser called the 21 Day Detox System by Dr Don Colbert that works.




When we have not taken in too much food and feel no reason to be so full and pumped up inside.  More

often than not when we feel  like this we are just plain lazy.  We finally hear or see this condition

explained.  It is because there is undigested or food not processed properly that is building up gradually

in our body.  It builds up from the end of our digestive track on up through the large intestines and up to

small intestines and even worst.

These poisons must be removed if we are to stay healthy.  These have come from : 1 foods  2 water

3 other fluids 4 the air   5 medicines   6 personal products  7 light  8 noises

These  toxins cause us stress which is never good for our good health.

Choosing a the best detox  you can find is important.  We will cleanse our system before we get


about a weight loss diet and lots of exercise for complete success.  Removing toxins are of paramount

importance.  When we do our metabolism will be restarted.  The crude material will be expelled.

Excess water and the toxic materials will be eliminated from our body.

I know first hand what it means to need a detox.  As for me, I would swell up from the colon up. My

stomach would be hard and compacted with toxins and water.  My face and entire body would be tight

and just swollen.  My feet would  change colors.  Doctors were planning to cut my feet off.  I had to do

something.   I tried one detox after another..At first I felt that the first one  was doing the job.  It left me

half full.  I was half bloated .  I tried others  some did a little better but I always had the excess fluid in

the stomach region.  Some would cause headaches.  Others would not work if you had not already done a

good job of cleaning yourself out with other things before you used the detox.  I kept trying to find

something that would not cause headaches and not requiring doing a lot of things in preparation for the

detox.  My family told me about Dr Colbert’s detox.  It does all you want in a detox.

I took the “21 Day Detox System” and became completely renewed.  I had no more swelling.  It is the

best colon cleanser I have found.  My complexion is brighter now and glowing.  I feel great.. I lost

weight with the detox.

This detox has worked on thousands of patients.  A lot of illness have gone away after using the

21 Day Detox System by Dr Don Colbert.   I use it whenever  I am compacted.  Sometimes being

short of breath tells me to do the detox.  Once I lost 22 lbs and another I lost 18 lbs seven months

later.  After going through the program you can expect to have much more energy.  My blood pressure

and blood sugar levels went down  to normal.

This plan can be used while on your medications usually.  Check with your doctor first.  When using this

detox you know it is working.  The stool is dark indicating harmful toxins are pushed out that could

have caused so many health problems if left inside.

During a regular diet toxins are redistributed all over the body after fat cell are burned up.  So the

body fights back and the weight is regained  by making more fat cells.  On the 21 Day Detox System this

does not happen.   On this plan the fat cells and all the toxins are flushed at the same time.   Being flushed

out they can not go all over the body. Now only a few fat cells and toxins are left.   Their numbers are so

low they are not effective in blowing you back up.

The medical doctors  have  different thoughts on  this product.    Most know it is the truth.  The others

want  job security.  You see if you prevent many diseases yourself  you do not need to pay them.

Usually the medical  doctors do not discuss the value of  a detox to any degree.  Dr Colbert’s  21 Day

Detox System was developed to help on a number of body functions and systems.

I have found Dr Colbert to be a man of integrity.  If he stand behind a product you can believe it

works and does what he says it will do.     For years I have tried a variety of Detox programs that were

no good.   Finally a  Detox System with INTEGRITY.  It was developed by a man with INTEGRITY.


You see, this doctor had diseases that he had to cure himself.  He ran across this detox (21 Day Detox

System).   He wanted a cure not just to treat  the systems.  It cured him.  It has helped me big time.

It changed my life. With it I have loss weight,  cleared my skin,removed toxins that would have killed me,

and improved my memory.  My energy is higher than in years.  This picture is taken 7 months after

I began the cla and the 21 day Detox System.   The pants were full on the start but now  I had lost 50 lbs.

I am still losing weight an will update my progress.


The 21 Day Detox System  works.  Give it a try.  Send me email at:

I would like very much to hear from you and your progress and successful stories.




















systems are not discussed by the medical community to any degree.

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  1. Roudell

    Hello Charles,

    It’s very important to keep our colon clean and free from any gastrointestinal ailments. This article helps me a lot to improve my knowledge about the gastrointestinal system .

    Although the colon is the very end track, it still plays the important role such like the absorption of water and vitamin E production. I myself always take fibres from natural foods (veggies & fruits) for a better alimentary process.

    I never heard about the Detox System by Dr Don Colbert and after I read your reviews, this product really awesome and it seems can do the all in one natural maintenance in the colon.



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