About Me


I am Charles.  I have been overweight, obese, and morbid obese as well for years and years.

Gaining and losing weight  over and over is nothing new to me.

My biggest problem was my big belly. Most of my life my midsection made me look like a barrel. I found

answers that  I want you all  to know about. We should all have good health and not have extra body fat

and be bound up from the colon up with poisons in your system causing all manner of illnesses.  I have

tried all  different exercises,  ate right too,  even  used many diet pills.   The best way is to incorporate the

three things.   Eat right ie,plenty fruits , nuts and veggies.  Then exercise and take a pill that will curb

your appetite and cause you to lose weight.   Oh, one other thing, take a detox on schedule.

I am not talking down to you from a tall horse.  For years i have  been  6ft 3in and weighed over 285 for

most of my adult life.   With advancing age  we must  do something about the  weight  issue.  I began to

feel worse with  increasing age  and  exercised less. I kept eating whatever  I wanted whenever I wanted.

I used different diets with variable results. I kept my scales  close at bedside.   Finally,  I decided to get

tough on myself and change my entire lifestyle.   Doing all three  was the answer.   Especially, curbing the

appetite with a weight pill that works.    I use a pill that  will make you lose weight  even if you  do not

exercise or eat properly.

You see there are a great number of illnesses  and diseases in my family.  I started to feel that  some may

be inherited.  It is clearly related to being overweight.  We have been told that heart

attack,strokes,diabetes,arthritis,cancer  and a host of diseases  are effected  by being overweight.

As more proven products become available  you will see them here.



Founder of  How to Renew your Body by removing excess belly fat and toxins fast


email    charles@weightlosswithcharles.com